Sprinkler System Supplier in Bangalore

Sprinkler Systems Supplier in Bangalore

In this system, Sprinkler bulbs are connected to the piping network. The sprinklers have a hermetically sealed frangible glass ampule that contains a precisely measured amount of fluid. In the event of a fire, the rise in temperature in the vicinity of the sprinkler causes the fluid to expand. At the prescribed temperature, the internal pressure within the ampule exceeds the strength of the glass causing the glass to shatter. This results in water discharge in the pattern depending on the deflector style. The Sprinkler Points below the false ceiling have been connected to the piping network by means of Stainless steel Flexible Hoses. Various range of temperature sprinkler bulbs are available and depending on the area, a suitable sprinkler bulb to be chosen for optimum result.

Our services include:

  •   Sprinkler system installation
  •   Sprinkler system repair
  •   Sprinkler system maintenance
  •   Sprinkler system design and installation
  •   Backflow prevention device repair
  •   Good quality work
  •   On-time reliability
  •   Fair pricing
  •   Good customer service (as in responsive)

At our company, we make customer satisfaction a priority. We believe in safety first and foremost. This is why we work hard to ensure the best possible results for all our customers at affordable prices.

Sprinkler Systems are installed in many buildings to fight a fire. The water sprinkler is designed to detect fire by heat, smoke or flames and then automatically release water to help extinguish the fire. Sprinklers come in many forms such as deluge, pre-action, pressure, and mist types.

Sprinkler System Consists Of :

  •   The water supply (fire flow main)
  •   Fire Alarm System (monitors for heat, smoke or flames)
  •   Valves (control the water flow from the mains)
  •   Sprinkler Heads (detect fire and release water)
  •   Integral Pumps (if needed, to pump water from a remote reservoir)
  •   These all need to be connected together and monitored for proper function through a panel.

Once the installation is complete, you will find that these sprinklers are going to be really effective at keeping your home or office safe from fires. This is because they are able to detect a fire before it has had time to spread very far and put out the flames before they become too big. This means that any damage done by these fires will also be kept at a minimum as well.

Our full service sprinkler system provides design/build custom installation services for residential and commercial properties, including retail centers, business parks, mixed-use developments, schools, colleges and universities.

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