Fire / Smoke Curtains

The purpose of a fire curtain is to seal off an area to contain a fire and to prevent that fire from spreading to other areas. A fire curtain is used where, if there is a fire, it is necessary to create a temporary barrier within an opening. This barrier should not be visible at any other time. The Fire Curtain is low in weight and has minimal dimensions, which enables it to be installed easily in places with space constraints such as within a false ceiling. The Fire Curtain automatically descends on receipt of a signal from the fire alarm panel or upon loss of power. Once this signal has been reset it automatically retracts.

Benefits of fire curtains:

  •   The best fire curtains are easy to install.
  •   Fire curtains prevent dangerous fumes and smoke from spreading throughout your home.
  •   Fire curtains bring comfort with decorative patterns and colors.
  •   Fire curtains are made up of strong fabric that can be placed at the doors to prevent smoke from spreading to other rooms and to contain fires in their original positions, hence the name fire curtain.

Why it's important to have Fire Curtains:

  •   Fire curtains are an important precaution to take to ensure you are protected in the event of a fire.
  •   These materials can be used to protect doors and other entryways, but they're also effective at protecting an entire room or section of a building. When installed correctly, fire curtains can keep smoke and extreme heat from spreading to other areas of the structure.
  •   Fire curtains are capable of sustaining significant heat without igniting themselves. This makes them ideal for use in retail stores and warehouses where merchandise may be damaged by normal fires while they're still intact themselves.
  •   Fire curtains are made from fabric impregnated with chemicals that give them fire-resistant properties. When exposed to fire, these chemicals begin to react and produce toxic fumes.
  •   Treated fire curtains can reduce the spread of flame and smoke by up to 90%. This means that they can help keep the fire from spreading from one area to another. Fire curtains can also help prevent injuries caused by smoke inhalation by helping to seal off an area that is on fire. Not only do fire curtains slow down or stop the spread of flames, but they also help control or eliminate the spread of smoke.
  •   A fire curtain should be installed in between two buildings that share common walls or floors, such as apartments or office buildings.
  •   The curtain consists of a metal framework with a cloth covering to prevent objects from being able to break through the barrier.
  •   The curtain hangs down to the floor, which catches any embers or sparks before they can spread into another building.
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