Water Mist System

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How Water Mist Works

  •   Water mist is sprayed into a room to clean it or used as an extinguishing agent because water sprays don’t cause the damage that liquid water does.
  •   Water mist can also be used on the outside of buildings to keep air conditioning costs low by cooling them from the outside in.
  •   Water mist, also known as water fog, is a fire suppression measure widely used in factories and warehouse structures to protect against flammable hazards such as oil and gas fires.
  •   Water mist is part of the larger group of fire suppressants known as clean agents. Clean agent fire suppression systems are especially valuable for industries that could suffer severe damage if an unwanted fire were to start

Advantages of a Water Mist System.

  •   Water Mist Fire Protection is a great technology that can help protect whatever you are trying to preserve against fire damage.
  •   Water mist systems can protect you from fire, and prevent damage to the building and the business inside.
  •   Water mist fire suppression systems are becoming more popular. They represent a low impact, low hazard alternative to traditional fire extinguishing systems and have the potential to save thousands of pounds on installations.
  •   Fire sprinkler systems are often thought of as a last line of defence, or a final option for preserving property in the event of a fire. But a water mist may offer a more cost-effective solution for your business and potentially save you money on your insurance premium.
  •   Water mist systems are very effective in extinguishing fires and produce minimal heat damage to the surrounding areas.
  •   The mist can be configured in three dimensions and it's deployed in a large volume, which gives it more time to put out the fire. It also does not require clean up after the fire is out.
  •   Water mist provides not only multiple options against damage but also repairs that is stylish and effective at the same time.
  •   Water mist is an effective fire suppression and has been used in airports, warehouses,industrial plants,and other occupancies for many years.
  •   Water Mist Systems can offer a number of advantages over thermal smoke extraction. The most important is that they have the potential to completely replace Extractor Fans in terms of evacuation performance capability
  •   The system is easy to use and offers a very low pressure discharge, so as to make it safe to use in public places.
  •   It also has increased safety for both personnel and damage to property. Water mist is stored in specialized tanks that are clean with no residue or hazardous additives from the chemicals. Because of their mobile nature, water mist systems respond quickly anywhere in the world, including urban areas and congested areas. They do not require any additional installation in order for them to be used.
  •   Water mist can be used in many different ways with certain crops, from combatting insect infestations to cooling the crops themselves. This means that the system is capable of being low cost, and is a safe way to maintain a healthy outside temperature. The system has been used regularly to protect fields of tomatoes, where there can be high humidity leading to fungal growth on the plants.
  •  The misting system produces a very fine, gentle spray that does not wet the animals - rather, it evaporates as a cool, fine spray of water when it comes in contact with their bodies. Moisture sensitive areas such as nostrils, eyes, ears and windpipes are protected from excess moisture by air flow created by the fans.

Effectiveness of water mist systems in preventing fires

  •   The effectiveness of water mist systems in preventing fires and hot work, safety features and where water mist systems are used.
  •   Water mist systems are designed to cool fires and put out small fires before they become large ones. With recent news of a fire in a casino starting with a water leak, we took time to investigate the effectiveness of water mist systems.
  •   Water mist systems are installed in many public places where they are used to help prevent fires. It is widely known that a working fire sprinkler system can douse a fire before it has the chance to cause much damage.
  •   Water mist systems are a great fire suppression system. When water mist systems are used to fight fires, they prevent the damage that is usually caused by high-pressure water systems.
  •   Water Mist systems have soared in popularity as an effective and affordable way to help reduce the risk of fires at home.Advantages of a water mist system
  •   It is a fire suppression system that discharges a fine spray of water mist under pressure. These systems provide an added layer of protection between the fuel load and the structural protection. They are designed to reduce the spread and effects of fire by decreasing available oxygen, absorbing heat, and removing combustibles (fuel).To protect your business or facility you need to know how well they work.
  •   Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems are now a common solution in many places. They can be used in industrial spaces and domestic purposes. This method of fire suppression system is most useful when the area is big and bigger than the area to be protected with sprinkler systems which need proper spacing.