Gas Suppression System

In Gas Suppression System unlike conventional systems that use water, various kinds of Gases are used to extinguish the fire. The fire gets extinguished, within a minute of activation and it’s a complete automatic system.

    Different kinds of Gas Suppression are:
  • Argon Gas Suppression System or Argon Clean Agent Systems.
  • FM 200 Clean Agent Systems
  • Novec 1230 Clean Agent Systems
  • FE-13 Clean Agent Systems
  • Carbon Dioxide Co2 Systems
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Gas Suppression Systems are generally used in closed rooms. In the room, protected by Gas Suppression System, there are Smoke detectors placed at different locations. Each detector constantly monitors the room for signs of fire. As soon as fire is detected, an alarm is sounded, to the personnel to evacuate the entire room. Then, the a gas like, Novec, Clean Agent or Co2 is released in the enclosed room. Thus, the oxygen in the room is rapidly reduced, to a level where fire cannot exist. However, living organisms remain unharmed, because of the gas. Because of such a system, all the delicate or critical items remain untouched and unharmed by fire or water.

    There are generally, two principles used in Gas Suppression Systems :
  • The Total Flooding Principle : This type of Gas Suppression System is used in an enclosed room or isolated location.
  • The Local Application Principle : Tin this type of system, the Gas is directly released onto the fire immediately on the affected area.In certain areas like Server Systems, Art Galleries or near delicate machinery, water can cause more and permanent damage than the fire. In the Server Room, the data in the server is more costly than the server itself. If the art piece or data, gets damaged or lost; it would result in an immeasurable loss.